About Us

SaddleUp! is a premier facility that provides inclusive and integrated therapeutic activities and educational programs for individuals with and without special needs as well as their families and caregivers.

This mission is brought to life by upholding the highest level of equine assisted activities and therapies in a safe, quality, unique, family-oriented, and fun-filled environment, which allows animal-human synergy to occur.

~ ~ ~

Founded in 2002, and organized as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity in 2006, the SaddleUp! Foundation has quickly become one of the nation’s premiere facilities providing equine assisted and other nontraditional therapies. SUF began directly in Shery McDonald-Galbreath’s (the “Founder”) backyard. When it was discovered that SUF would experience some growth in the following years, the Founder purchased real estate in Parker, CO and construction began on a new equestrian facility. In 2008, SUF began leasing the facility from the Founder, which included an indoor riding arena, attached viewing lounge, fifteen (15) stall barn and outdoor pens and pasture space.

Throughout 2008 and 2009, SUF’s efforts were focused on preparing the facilities to not only provide quality activities and therapies inside the arenas, but also to ensure the entire property was a safe, unique, family oriented and fun-filled environment for animal-human synergy to occur. A main goal for SUF has always been to “treat the entire family.” SUF accomplished this goal by being an all-inclusive therapy facility, providing outpatient therapies, equine assisted activities, equine facilitated psychotherapy, as well educational and recreational riding. In 2010, SUF began to expand its services and became a Medicaid approved health care provider and an out-of-network provider for other private insurances. The Medicaid approval enabled SUF to provide its services to all individuals, despite financial ability. This was also the year in which SUF truly expanded its reach and increased its number of participants from approximately 25 per week to 75 per week.

In 2011, SUF’s tremendous growth continued. New programs were added, staff was increased, and again, its client base increased to approximately 100 participants per week. At the close of 2011, SUF staff providing equine activities and therapies included one Physical Therapist, one Physical Therapist Assistant, two Occupational Therapists, one Speech Therapist, two PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors, and two educational and recreational riding instructors. SUF continued to see growth in the number of participants served throughout 2012 providing an approximate 120 sessions per week. Additionally, SUF put significant resources into planning and hosting a large-scale fundraising event; the SaddleUp! and Pack Your Bags, Denver Suitcase Party.

Midway through 2013, SUF moved its programs and services to a new location, Swift Creek Ranch, in Elizabeth, CO. The Swift Creek facility includes approximately 300 acres of pasture, ten outdoor pens, three outdoor riding arenas, an indoor riding arena, twenty indoor stalls, and office and meeting spaces. Now situated in Elizabeth, CO, on a 300 acre ranch which includes large indoor arena, office spaces, family viewing lounge, indoor stalls and many outdoor arenas and riding trails, SaddleUp! provides more than 150 sessions of equine assisted activities and therapies per week.

Most notably, SaddleUp!’s Out Patient Therapy Program provides physical, occupational and speech therapy, staffed by 7 state and nationally licensed therapists. SaddleUp! boasts a reputation for providing the most quality and unique activities and therapies in Denver and the surrounding areas, as well as the Rocky Mountain Region. Whether the participant has a physical, emotional, or mental disability, SaddleUp! is able to provide the necessary therapy and is truly a place “Where Hope Reins”.

SaddleUp!’s facility and environment also helps accomplish the goal of “treating the entire family.” The facility accommodates all participants, family members and caregivers with a comfortable viewing lounge and indoor play and toy area.